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Hello, my name is Rudy Garcia Jr., but everyone calls me J.R.  That started when I was younger at an appliance repair company I worked for.  The technicians there had to use their initials for paperwork and dispatch purposes.  The initials R.G. were already taken by a senior tech.  I started with R.J., but didn’t like the sound of that.  So here I am 16 years later, J.R.

I was born in California and moved to Denver when I was 2.  Yes, I consider myself a native.  I did most of my growing up in south east Aurora.  I have two children, one in high school, and the other in middle school.  My son loves to play baseball and is already taller than me.  My daughter is a big time snowboarder and just made honor roll.

My family has been in the appliance repair business since the 1950s.  My grandfather Doyle Boone got things started for us.  My grandparents had 10 children, 4 boys, 6 girls, and 6 of the kids got into the appliance repair business.  Now a few of the grandchildren are following suit.  There is so much appliance repair business in Denver that we are not really competing with each other.  Besides, we’re all spread out for the most part.

Meeting new people and developing working relationships is something I strive to do.  When someone asks, "Do you know anyone who can fix my fridge?" I want you to be the one who can say, "Yeah, I've got a great guy for that."  You can count on me to do my best all the time.  I always do the right thing even when no one is looking.  My work ethic will speak for itself, and you can tell your friends and family about my character.

Thank you for reading a little about me, and I hope to earn your appliance repair business and your trust.  Having you as an appliance repair customer for life is something we can both count on.  If in any way you are unsatisfied with my work, please let me know, and I'll fix it.  Feel free to call with any questions.


Rudy Garcia, Jr. (J.R.)

Rudy Garcia, Jr.
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Call 720-427-7518 now to schedule your Centennial appliance repair the same day!